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KS BANK Profile

KS Bank, Inc., chartered in 1924, has been a member of the Federal Home Loan system since 1936, and has had deposits insured by the FDIC since 1961. KS Bank is a community financial institution - locally owned and operated. We get to know our customers by name. The Bank offers a variety of traditional deposit and loan products for consumers and businesses.

Since its establishment in 1924, KS Bank has grown and changed according to that growth. The organization was first chartered under the name Kenly Building & Loan Association in Kenly, NC with its main business being real estate mortgages.

The name of the Bank changed from Kenly Savings & Loan to Kenly Savings Bank over the years to reflect the evolution from a savings bank to a full service community bank. The Bank now concentrates on attracting retail deposits and using such deposits to make mortgage loans, construction loans, business loans, consumer loans and equity line loans.

In 1998 the Board of Directors deemed it necessary to find a more generic name that also emphasized the fact that the institution is now a full service bank. Thus, on January 1, 1999 the name was changed to KS Bank. This name is a continuation of the past while focusing on "bank" and not geographically tying the organization to one particular area.

KS Bank conducts its operations through nine full service retail offices located in Johnston, Wake, Wilson, and Wayne counties in North Carolina. The corporate office is located in Smithfield, NC.


Vision Statement

Helping people realize their dreams through personalized banking relationships.


Mission Statement

We are a community bank that:
• builds personal relationships by providing exceptional customer service
• sustains profitable growth that creates value for our shareholders
• contributes to the development of the communities we serve
• fosters a culture of professional growth and personal fulfillment for our employees


Core Values - What is important to us?

Local Focus
Although the Company is publicly traded, we want to continue to be owned and controlled by local shareholders who share the Company’s commitment to the community.

Relationships & Personal Service
We build and maintain personal relationships that are mutually beneficial. Through honesty and integrity, we earn the trust of our customers. We know our customers; names and understand what is really important to them.

Employee Development
Although employees are important for any business, this is especially true in community banking. Our success is dependent upon the experience and expertise of our employees. We provide many opportunities for growth and personal development to staff members who are committed to serving our customers.

Community Involvement
We invest our time and resources, both individually and organizationally, in the local community. We are committed to helping our communities to grow and improving the quality of life for local residents.

Our success is dependent upon our ability to work together as a team. We value cooperation and collaboration. Our commitment to trust, relationships and personal service must extend to our interactions with each other.

We want to develop existing relationships and continue to expand our locations and services into more communities. In order to do this, we need to recognize and adapt to the changing needs of our customers and communities.

In order for us to fulfill our commitment to each of the preceding values, we must continue to increase our profitability. This will require a focus on efficiency and innovation.

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Harold T. Keen - CEO/President

Earl W. Worley, Jr. - Chief Operating Officer

Regina J. Smith - Chief Financial Officer

Timothy N. Taylor - Chief Credit Officer

Deborah A. Pattison - Director of Human Resources

H. Geoff Kokiko - Senior Retail Banking Officer