Mobile Banking


Mobile Banking User Guide

You may be able to enroll for mobile banking through your mobile device, if:

  • You have previously logged in to the traditional KS Bank website successfully
  •  You have a KS Online Banking ID in an Active status
  •  You are not in the middle of a password reset
  •  You are not being required to agree to a revised Online Agreement
  •  You are not being recollected for multi-factor authentication

1. Open KS Mobile Banking application. Log in with your KS Online Banking ID and Password.

2. Accept terms and conditions by clicking checkbox next to I Agree.

3. Click Continue to continue.

4. Complete the fields and click Enroll Now.

a) Choose whether to receive enrollment, transfer, and payment confirmations via text message.

b) Enter mobile device number for text confirmations.

c) Select the wireless provider for the phone number.

After a successful enrollment, you are directed to the Accounts screen.

You may see an error message if enrollment was not successful.

Pwd Expired: Log in to traditional KS Online Banking to establish a new password.

Please enter a valid Phone Number: Enter a complete phone number.

Please select a Wireless Provider: Select a wireless provider from the drop down menu.


Access available actions by tapping the menu icon in the upper-left hand corner or swiping from left to right after having logged in to the app.


1. Tap the alerts option from the menu

2. Select the alert name for more details


1. Tap the accounts option from the menu.

2. Select the account by clicking anywhere on the name, balance, or >. Scroll through the transactions by swiping up or down.

Bill Pay

One-time and future-dated payments can be made with iPhone and Android Apps version 3.0 and above.

1. Select the bill pay option from the menu.

2. Select the account from which to pay. Select the payee. Fill in the dollar amount, select the payment date, and press Submit.


One-time, immediate transfers and future-dated transfers are available with iPhone and Android Apps version 3.0 and above. Bank to Bank Transfers are available if you have completed the verification process for your external accounts.

1. Select the transfer icon from the menu.

2. Select the account to transfer From and the account to transfer To. Fill in the dollar amount, select a transfer date, and press Submit.


Logging Out

Tapping the Log Out icon in the upper right corner of the app displays a confirmation

Tapping Yes redirects the user to the app’s launch page.

A user may also time out if no activity was detected in the last 10 minutes. A message displays

Keep Working starts the session timer over and keeps the user logged into the app. Log Out redirects the user to the app’s launch page. If no action is taken, the user is logged out and redirected to the launch page once the countdown is complete.