Electronic Statements
The Electronic Statements Interactive system delivers secure, interactive electronic documents including statements with check images, notices, and marketing communications.

Enrolling in E Statements

Step 1: Account(s) and Document Enrollment

By default, all document types are selected for all accounts. If you not wish to receive all notices or statements electronically, select Details and remove checkboxes beside the corresponding documents.

Step 2: Validate Email Address

If you have an email address within NetTeller, it displays in this field. When the email address is updated here, the change carries through to the email address listed on the NetTeller ID.

Step 3: Enter Security Phrase

This phrase appears on ESI enrollment and notification emails from your financial institution, along with the PDF login shell, if applicable. The security phrase is used to assure content containing this information is legitimately from the bank.

Step 4: Enter PDF Passcode

Select the click here link to view a passcode required to complete the enrollment process. This passcode verifies that you have the ability to view electronic documents in a PDF format using Adobe 6.0 or higher. Enter the case-sensitive passcode in the field below step four.

Step 5: Accept Terms and Conditions

Scroll through the text and select the checkbox before clicking on Enroll Now.

Step 6: Confirm Enrollment

An Enrollment Confirmation appears in a separate window. Select OK within this window to complete the process. A confirmation email is also generated.