Text Alerts

Text Alerts

Text Message Alerts provide a quick and easy way to stay on top of your account

Opting to Receive Text Alerts

From the Settings tab, select Alerts.

Four types of alerts are available, Event, Balance, Item, and Personal

o Event – triggered by certain account activities

o Balance – triggered by account balances going above or below a target amount

o Item – triggered by checks clearing

o Personal – Date-driven with free-form text entered

Select the type of alert by clicking on the sub-tab or the Add/Edit link.

Complete the necessary fields. Select Text as the delivery method and click Submit.

Event Alerts – Select the alert by checking the Text option to the left of the alert title.

Balance Alerts – Complete the alert specifications and check the Text option.

Item Alerts – Complete the alert specifications and check the Text option.

Personal Alerts – Select date to receive alert, enter desired message, and check the Text option.

Enter or confirm mobile phone number and carrier and click Submit.

Use the Carrier Search button to locate your mobile service provider.

Modifying your Mobile Phone Number

In the event your mobile phone number or provider changes, you can modify that information

within NetTeller to ensure that most current information is on file.

From the Settings tab select Personal.

Changes to your mobile phone information can be made within Modify Personal Settings