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Employee Benefits

Are your benefits attracting and retaining employees? Now they can! 

If you want to offer the best benefits at the most competitive cost, we can help! Together, KS Bank and our benefits broker partner are finding ways to help customers fine-tune their benefits, including health, life, dental, vision, disability and voluntary insurance. Whether you already have a plan or are new to benefits, we can help meet the goals and objectives of all stakeholders, including employees – here are a few ways:

  • Introduce and/or maintain in-demand plans that meet your budget
  • Implement cost saving tools for Employers and Employees
  • Offer voluntary benefits that employees want at no cost to the Employer
  • Introduce ways to streamline the enrollment process and on-going plan maintenance
  • Help Employers stay in-compliance
  • Provide a dedicated Account Manager to every client
KS Bank is proud to partner with Triangle Insurance and Benefits. Their exceptional reputation and outstanding service in the benefits space sets them apart from other firms. They mainly work with employers headquartered in North Carolina, but serve employees and affiliates across the United States.

If you have 10 employees or 400 employees, let us know if/how we can assist you with this very important part of your overall employee package. 

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Employee sponsored retirement savings plans for you and your staff.

Build a more secure future for your employees (or yourself) with an employee sponsored retirement savings plan. With careful consideration and guidance from our wealth team, you can use these valuable benefits to get steps ahead on a secure wealth plan.