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Investing can be complex, but we'll help you look ahead with confidence.

We offer expertise today for a healthy tomorrow so that you can focus on life as you know it now with the expectation for a secure future. When considering your investment portfolio, you may have several questions. If you are new to investing, you may have found yourself asking:

  • What exactly is investing and how does it work?
  • Does investing require a lot of money?
  • What are the risks involved?
  • How should my portfolio be invested and how do I get started?

Perhaps you've been in the game and are ready to make a change. Have you ever asked yourself:

  • What does the future performance look like for my portfolio?
  • Do I really understand what my performance levels are?
  • Is it time to change up my goals?
  • Is my portfolio going to achieve what I want it to?
  • When will need to access my investments?

And the most common question we find people asking...

Do I have too many eggs in one basket?Basket with golden eggs and rolled money.

We can help answer these questions and then manage the intricacies with customized solutions and recommendations. We’ll review your comprehensive financial picture, analyze past portfolio and market performance and provide you with industry news to help determine your future investment decisions. With the right information, you can find a balance between risk and return that works for you and stay on track.

Those insights help us determine how to allocate and diversify your assets, which funds and strategies need be a part of your plan, and what solutions to include, from individual stocks to fixed income to alternative assets. We will stress test your portfolio to understand and prepare for how it will react in different markets and scenarios.

Working under a fiduciary standard, we ensure every decision is focused on serving your best interests. By monitoring and measuring your progress, we help you take advantage of additional opportunities along the way and help ensure your investments stay aligned to the purpose you've set out. However you like to manage your investments, we have the resources to help you be smarter with money with full-service investment planning services.

We will work with you to create an investment policy statement reflecting your objectives, risk tolerance, cash flow needs, tax situation and financial goals. We think of a portfolio in terms of its purpose and relation to the entire estate. Asset allocation is a method of portfolio construction based on a clear understanding of your short term and long term goals rather than just focusing on risk across different asset classes. Our experienced investment professionals will create a portfolio that reflects your specific goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. This process includes thoughtful and objective selection, rigorous oversight, and regular review.

Investing tax-efficiently takes some planning. Our investment professionals take a strategic, tax advantaged approach when selecting investment products, the timing of buy and sell decisions, choosing accounts, taking advantage of realized losses, and implementing specific planning strategies to help you manage, defer and reduce your taxes.
Alternative investments, beyond stocks and bonds, could enhance your financial strategy. We can help you explore options available to you according to your need for liquidity and risk tolerance. Our investment professionals will provide a sophisticated approach to construct an innovative portfolio that fits your financial plan.

Investments managed by KS Bank’s Trust Department are: Not Insured by FDIC or Any Other Government Agency | Not Bank Guaranteed | Not Bank Deposits or Obligations | May Lose Value