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Payroll Card Accounts

Designed for businesses that employ individuals who do not typically maintain a checking account at a bank.

How does a pay card work?

  • When an employer opts to pay workers with a payroll card, the money that would normally be included in their paychecks is preloaded onto a debit card.

  • With a pay card in hand, employees can use it to pay for regular bills and expenses just like they would if they received their paycheck the traditional way.

  • Pay cards can also be used to get money out of an ATM, which makes them similar to debit cards connected to a traditional checking account. Employees access their funds via a debit card through ATMs and Point of Sale Purchases (no checks are issued with this account.)

  • Upon direction from the employer, the bank transfers payroll funds into employees' individual Payroll Card Accounts eliminating the need to write checks and the need for employees to cash checks.

  • No monthly service charge
  • Monthly statements are sent to the account holder
  • Free Online E-Statements
  • KS Bank ATM's available to you, at no charge
  • If the average daily balance of your account falls below $10 during the statement cycle, your account will be service charged $1