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Electronic Banking Upgrade

KS Bank's New Digital Banking Experience

Effective Monday, August 21, 2023, at the opening of business, KS Bank customers will be able to enjoy a new digital banking experience. Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions regarding this transition. Additional questions and answers can be found here. 

A quick reference guide can be found here. This document gives you a brief overview of the new website and mobile app, as well as some helpful tips to use the basic functions. 
For a complete user guide outlining how to use both the new website and mobile app, click here. 

One of the most critical first steps in preparing for our new online and mobile banking applications is to ensure your email address and phone number (i.e., mobile) information is current on our systems.  This will be important when logging in for the first time on August 21st. Your email address and phone number information may be updated through your current online banking account or by calling your local branch. 

Reviewing this Q&A document in its entirety will also help you prepare.  Please check back from time to time for additional Q&As.  Also, look for additional information that will be communicated over the next month or so.

KS Bank's new website address is https://my.ksbankinc.com/login

No. You will use your current Username and Password the first time you log in to the new online/mobile banking on Monday, August 21, 2023.

Yes, but for two weeks only.  When accessing the current mobile banking app on or after August 21st, you will be presented with a message letting you know that an update is available to download.  At that point, you can either follow the prompt and download the new app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store or dismiss the message altogether and continue on.  Starting September 4th, 2023, you must download the new app to access mobile banking.

We encourage you to download the updated mobile banking app as soon as possible to start enjoying your new mobile banking experience.

Download the KS Bank Mobile app on the Google Play Store.

Download the KS Bank Mobile app on the Apple App Store. 

KS Bank’s new digital banking system has an enhanced security feature called 2 Factor Authentication, or 2FA. This security feature replaces the security image you were used to seeing, which is an outdated security control. When you log in to the new online/mobile banking for the first time from any device, you will have to enroll in 2FA. 

As part of the enrollment, you will provide the phone number on record with KS Bank. Unless you select to use the “remember me” feature so that the online/mobile banking system remembers your device, the phone device tied to the phone number used as part of the 2FA enrollment will need to be accessible each time you log in. You must also choose one of four methods for receiving the verification code. We recommend you receive a text via a mobile phone, but there is also the option to receive the verification code via voice message by receiving a call. If you set up a new phone number or enter the incorrect number, KS Bank personnel will need to reset your 2FA. Once enrolled, you will not have to re-enroll unless you or KS Bank chooses to reset their 2FA.

When enrolling in 2FA, you can select the use of Authy or an authenticator app as a form of verification instead of receiving a voice or text message. To set this up, follow the prompts after selecting the “Authy” or “Authenticator app” option. 

For customers that are heavy users of any Intuit products, we highly recommend using the Authy option as their 2FA method of choice when enrolling. Any other 2FA authentication methods have been known to cause issues when establishing a connection between the online banking system and the Intuit product of choice. 

No. Your current bill payment information, including payees, scheduled payments, payment history, etc., will be transferred over. Once logged in to the new online/mobile banking, you will select the Bill Pay menu and be able to use and enjoy our bill payment functionality as you have in the past.
At launch, you will only be able to see 120 days’ worth of transaction history on the first sign-in. Then in the background, the new online/mobile banking will begin pulling transactions until it reaches 180 days. To see more transactions, you will select “See more” at the bottom of the transaction list, and this will pull seven days of transaction data at a time.
Safari changed and no longer allows cookies to be sent in an iFrame for another site. Cookies are used to pass through and authenticate an end user for our single sign-on (SSO) applications within online/mobile banking.  This will impact any end users attempting to access the eStatement or Bill Payment functionalities via the Safari browser. To work around this, the end user can disable this cookie detection. Within the Safari menu, click “Preferences” and navigate to the “Privacy” tab across that module that pops up. Make sure the “Block all cookies” option is unchecked.
Internet Explorer is not a supported browser. We recommend switching to Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
The text-formatted statements (without the KS Bank logo or required disclosures) are no longer available through the new online/mobile banking.  You must sign up for e-statements to access statements via your online/mobile banking account.

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