Hand holding credit card while other types on laptop.

Lost/Stolen Card

For a lost or stolen KS Bank Debit Card: 

1-800-592-6994 (Normal Business Hours)
or 1-888-297-3416 (After Hours)

To report through you Online Banking Account:
  1. Click OPTIONs tab
  2. Select ATM/Debit Card
  3. Click the Lost/Stolen box next to the card you wish to report as lost/stolen
Note:  Reporting a card as lost/stolen permanently disables your card and a new card will be reissued.
To report a lost or stolen VISA Consumer Credit Card, please call:
1-800-883-0131 (Consumer Credit Cards only)
To report a lost or stolen VISA Business Credit Card, please call:
1-800-325-3678  (Business Credit Cards only)