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Business Credit Card Rewards

Turn your everyday business expenses into rewards with Scorecard® Rewards.

Our new ScoreCard® loyalty rewards program for your KS Bank business credit card is the best way to make the most of your spending. Now you will earn 1 point for every $1.00 of business purchases made using your card. Rewards points can be redeemed for a variety of merchandise, travel perks, premium payback awards, and more.  

To register and create your rewards account visit the ScoreCard® Rewards Headquarters. This will be where you manage your points and redeem them for rewards. You can also combine points from multiple eligible cards by Householding. This offers you the opportunity to earn rewards faster and reach higher levels of awards. This feature is activated through the ScoreCard® Rewards Headquarters. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To create your account visit ScoreCard® Rewards Headquarters. Select the "Create Account" option. From there, the "Create Your Account" pop-up will appear which you will fill in with your information. 
There are so many exciting rewards you can earn through this program. Examples include hotel stays, car rentals, name brand electronics, and more! Browse all of the rewards options.
Householding is a loyalty rewards program feature that provides participants the ability to combine points earned from multiple credit cards into one rewards account for greater redemption power. The primary business cardholder (aka the Head of Household) can activate the Householding feature by logging into ScoreCard® Rewards Headquarters and selecting "Householding" from the "Account" drop down menu. 

Yes! Additional authorized redeemers can be added at your request by contacting your local KS Bank representative. 

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From a quick stop for office supplies to planning travel for a conference, remember to use your KS Bank business credit card and watch your Scorecard® rewards points grow!